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Workers' Compensation

If you are injured on the job, California law provides you with the right to a number of benefits under the Workers' Compensation system. These include:

• Medical treatment to cure or alleviate the injury, paid for by the employer.

• Temporary Disability Benefits, to provide limited income during medical treatment.

• Permanent Disability Benefits, as compensation for permanent limitations caused by the work injury.

• Future medical benefits, if recommended by a physician.

In the past, rehabilitation benefits, has been provided for, but this class of benefits was eliminated by the recent “reform” legislation.

Bob Taylor and Donna Jacobs will evaluate the facts of your case to determine whether additional compensation might be available.  This could include compensation for discrimination based on your injury, or compensation for “serious and willful" misconduct by the employer. They will also investigate the possibility that your injury was caused by a person or firm other than your employer. In this case you would be entitled to a file a “third-party” civil action that might provide an award significantly higher than available under Workers' Compensation.