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Personal Injury

For the past three decades, Holstein, Taylor, and Unitt has helped hundreds of injured persons and their families recover compensation for all types of injuries. We promptly investigate your case, and see that all deadlines are met. We have successfully tried or settled cases involving construction site accidents, defective products, dangerous roadways, and auto accidents, that resulted in permanent injuries or death.

We are committed to being straight forward and direct with clients about their rights and what they can expect.  We do not shoot from the hip about the value of a case, but once we have completed the investigation, evaluated the medical records, and gathered the other information necessary to fairly evaluate your case, we will frankly discuss the settlement value of your case, and the prospects for a successful outcome at trial.

If you live in the area of the TXI Riverside Cement Plant, or the Colton Cement Plant,
click here for information about claims for exposure to Chromium VI. We have associated with the firm of Girardi | Keese to handle these cases.  For information about the Girardi firm, click here.