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Mediation and Arbitration

Crowded court dockets often make it difficult to obtain an early trial date. The costs and delays involved in getting a case to trial and through the appellate process have lead many people to consider other options such as private mediation and arbitration. Holstein, Taylor and Unitt offers alternate dispute resolution options for both civil cases and Workers' Compensation matters.

Bob Taylor has served as an arbitrator for the Workers' Compensation Appeals Board, and for “carve-out” programs. He has offered speedy and fair resolutions for many cases through this forum.  He can also serve as a mediator to assist employers and injured workers to reach a settlement beneficial to both sides.

Brian Unitt has served as an arbitrator for the Riverside Superior Court for more than fifteen years. Two thirds of the cases he has arbitrated are resolved within six months of the issuance of his award. He is also trained as a mediator. He is a founding member of the Riverside Superior Court Civil Mediation Panel, and is available to conduct court ordered and private mediations.

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