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Appeals, Writs, and
Legal Research Projects

Holstein, Taylor and Unitt offers its clients legal research skills unusual in a Personal Injury and Workers' Compensation firm. They have the experience to explore all legal theories that will be to their client’s advantage. The firm also offers its research, appeal and writ services to other firms and individuals who may benefit from them.

Mr. Unitt handles these matters, and is a seasoned appellate expert who has handled more than fifty appeals, and thirty writs in civil cases. He brings analytical ability and persuasive writing skills to a considerable knowledge of substantive and procedural law. He is expanding his practice to criminal appeals and writs as well.

Mr. Unitt has often used his experience to assist trial lawyers to prepare and present their cases so that a solid trial court record is made allowing the eventual appeal to be successful. He can also assist in the preparation of trial court motions and oppositions including demurrers, motions for judgment on the pleadings, and motions for summary judgment.